A genuine relationship can never end. If something can be lost, it was just an illusion to start with. Real things can never be lost. If something is not eternal, it is not true. If something is real, it means it exists, so it can never be lost. If something does not exist, it cannot be lost, either. Thus, everything stays with us forever.



Religion is no other than an affectionate bond between human and God.



Where should we look for God? Myth says in the past, mystery says in the future, love says in the present.




Deep friendship is nothing else than sharing joys and sorrows.




Love belongs to God, love is divine energy.



Any time you find yourself in a situation difficult to solve, take some time to ponder, and imagine your master sitting next to you. Ask your questions, and have faith in the answers you receive.



The question is not, with whom you could live the rest of your life. It is, whose absence would kill you.



Where human power ends, divine mercy begins.



The subjective side of love is trust, the objective side of love is the willingness to serve.



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